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So tired of people saying “Leave Draco alone or you deserve the venom”. Read books okay and tell me whether Draco has ever left anyone alone.

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I just can’t continue to read Basketcase. So irritating. You really don’t know why Draco care about discrimination now, Hermione? Because it works against him now! He had no problem to judge, discriminate, and bully other people, but the moment he himself became the victim of bigoted opinions, he suddenly acted so indignant and fair! And you are seriously considering to apologize for hating him! And you really think he’s right when he said you will be treated like dirt as well as soon as you graduate because no one would care which house you belonged! Guess what! People treat him like dirt because he’s a coward, bully, and scum! And you are much better than him! You are not the same regardless of houses! I can’t stand it anymore it’s my second try and I stopped in the middle of Chapter 7.

Anonymous said: You know I don't really care that you ship dramione but one thing that makes me mad about you dramione shippers is you guys only care about hermione draco and draco slytherin friends you don't care about anybody else and you guys only care about emma and tom I know some of you care about the pthers but a majority only care


about emma ,tom , hermione and draco you act like harry potter was all about hhem its not its about dan and harry and even rupert is more important than emma his name came before her in the credits so just asking why don’t you dramione shippers care about anybody other than tom , emma , hermione and draco when there supporting characters not mains

I am sexually attracted to Draco as a character and I can relate to Hermione on a lot of levels. So when I read them I can imagine myself as Hermione in the fics and obviously Draco as Draco. That pretty much sums it up. 

I do like Harry and Ron…not really a fan of reading about them in sexual situations unfortunately for various reasons. As for Tom Felton…do not care that much about the boy and Emma Watson is just an amazing human being though I am not some diehard fan of hers. 

Just because “us Dramione shippers” choose to like and to focus on a certain pairing (hence the term “shippers”) it does not mean we “do not care” about the other characters. If you took the time to read any multi-chapter fanfic you would see that ALL of the main characters are involved in it and are quite important. The only difference is that the actual relationship part involves Hermione and Draco.

I hope that satisfies your curiosity, though you have to remember I am talking about me specifically here.

Where are those “you dramione shippers” anyway? I keep hearing about them but never encounter one. Any clues?

Guess what? Instagram is blocked in China. I don’t even want to waste my energy to complain. So tired of this.

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I would
Love you ten years before the Flood,
And you should, if you please, refuse
Till the conversion of the Jews.

Andrew Marvell, To His Coy Mistress



His name is Alfred Enoch. Did you see him in “Sherlock” Season 3? He was the guard who died in the shower from a mysterious stab wound. Goodness, he’s beautiful, isn’t he?

*sighs with admiration*

I literally didn’t recognize him.

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To think it’s been 7 years since attica last updated How To Be Dead.

The Politician’s Wife by pir8fancier

Plot: A

They work together. They have a task to complete. Imagine my happiness when I find out they will not work on it until the very end. They accomplish the task without ordeal or struggle or delay, guess why? Because they are brilliant and clever and 41 years old! I feel that most fanfics don’t do justice to their mind, making them work on one thing for 30 or 40 chapters and most of the time they are stuck and feel bad. Come on! They are sharp! This is part of the reason why I love this. Overall it’s very real. It actually reminds me of The Good Wife. Real life struggles. Am I with the right person? Am I being the real me in my life? What is it that I really want? Are the past years a mistake, or is it just fate? I can see me ask same questions when I’m of the same age. Hermione is luckier. She has Draco when she’s in her middle-age crisis.

Draco: A

Oh he’s a nagger. Unstoppable, hilarious, mature and childish at the same time, nagger. Great taste. Great manner. See you through in a blink of an eye. He is as charming as a 41-year-old man can be, and I absolutely adore him.

Hermione: A+

Yes she reminds me of Alicia Florrick if you know what I’m talking about. I love her so so much. She is mature, and her feelings are so genuine that I can’t not feel it as well. The doubt, the regret, the fear. Her feelings towards Draco, gold. She realized the attraction and desire by her own, and she made life decisions by her own. She went through this process from burying in a wrong marriage to finding a new life with a new person, and that’s almost the most difficult thing at that age. She fought for her marriage, but sometimes you have to accept that not everything is worth fighting for endlessly.

Writing: A+

The writing is mature just like the plot and our dear couple. It conveys emotions. It has sense of humor when it needs to. It breaks your heart when it needs to. The depiction is so real-life yet still magical. Impeccable in my opinion.

Emotion: A+

He loves her, and in the end, she loves him back. The attraction is fantastic, and the chemistry when neither of them has said anything almost blew my mind. Their struggle, the smoking storyline, every touch, every kiss on knuckles, every “your wish is my command”, everything. Oh my heart. Another thing I want to address here is the emotion between Ron and Hermione, especially Hermione’s love to Ron. I don’t doubt when they marry, they love each other so much that they truly believe they will live together forever, but life happens, or in this case, life doesn’t happen. You need love to get together, and then you need more love to stay together. If you don’t suit each other, the required amount of love is even more. Nothing went wrong. It’s just decided by who they are and what they do. This is a happy ending for Hermione and Draco, but this is a bad ending for Hermione and Ron, and I respect this, because the author did not simplify this aspect of Hermione’s life.


I literally translated it all. If I didn’t see any problems then, I can’t say any problems now. Maybe some people don’t like read about the love story of two 41-year-olds. I don’t know. Maybe. I truly hope all of you read it.

Grade: 98

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This is like, the peak year of his face.

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